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Lost Chattanooga: Underground Chattanooga Uncovered
Four unusual postcards from Chattanooga
Underground Chattanooga clipping file
Snow family at 512 Colville Street
New York men at Camp Greenleaf
127 E. Terrace on Boynton Hill
The Battle Above the Clouds (Sheet music)
Documentary update (part 2)
Chattanooga faces: (part 1)
Market Street Bridge Construction
The “Tenn” Dollar Archivist: Boatland Family
252 Oak Street
Chattanooga’s underground history
Documentary update (part 1)
Terminal Station 110 years ago today
The “Tenn” Dollar Archivist: Knoxville Lad
Trion Cotton Mill 1st Shift, 1940
1899 Chattanooga Spring Festival March and Two-Step
The “Tenn” Dollar Archivist: Brushy Mountain
Can you help invoke the return of Chattanooga’s history?
Chattanooga’s vaulted sidewalks
O. B. Andrews Co. employees in 1941
1900 Lookout Mountain Inn March and Two-Step
Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps at Ft. Oglethorpe (part 1)
Five More Photos of the Construction of the Chickamauga Dam in 1937
Goodbye Free Press Collection on Flickr
10 unseen glass plates from the Walline Collection
10 more unseen glass plates from the Walline Collection

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Old Tennessee is the aggregation of work by David Moon. Over the last six years, David has actively curated Chattanooga history for the local history project, Picnooga. This website is an extension of that endeavor while also exploring histories of other locations around Tennessee and elsewhere.



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