Thirty Photographs on Umbrella Rock

Since the 1860s, during the Union Army occupation of Chattanooga, Umbrella Rock (Sometimes referred to Table or Signal Rock) on Lookout Mountain has served as a popular photographic backdrop for visitors. From the Civil War until the mid-1930s, there had been a photography studio to make these iconic images on Point Lookout in Point Park. The angle of these photographs would change by the late 1930s after the construction of the Ochs’ Memorial spoiling the dramatic visual impact of posing on Umbrella Rock. Sometime in the 1970s, it would be closed off for good by the Park Service for public safety and preservation concerns.

These thirty images from the 1890s through 1939 represent the tens of thousands, if not several hundred thousand, of photographs taken over 156 years. It also represents a portion of images of Umbrella Rock in Picnooga’s collection.

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