Memphis Blacksmith

The “Tenn” Dollar Archivist: Memphis Blacksmith

The “Tenn” Dollar Archivist helps me keep on task of highlighting Tennessee history on a regular basis. Hopefully, I can keep this up a few times each month.

This series will feature orphaned images from Tennessee’s history. In some cases, I may know a lot about the photograph and was able to do some research. Or like this one, I may only know limited information with only a few details to go on. If you can help, leave a comment below.

I have only ten(n) dollars (See what I did there?) to spend on each post, and maybe a few dollars for shipping if the photograph (There might be a few available for $10) is interesting enough.

The below image is a blacksmith’s shop in Memphis, TN, circa. 1902. The man holding the reigns of the horse is identified as Martin Luther Jackson. *Using an online census search, I could not find a Martin Luther Jackson living in Tennessee that was a complete match to the gentleman in the photograph.

The sign on the side of the blacksmith’s shop is an advertisement for Collins Plows of Quincy, IL.

A blacksmith’s shop in Memphis, TN, circa. 1902
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Wonderful picture and a wonderful idea! It would be nice to know if the building is still standing.

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