The “Tenn” Dollar Archivist: Boatland Family

I remember years ago seeing a tattered shoebox in an antique mall full of old sepia cabinet photographs with a written handmade sign attached that said, “Instant Family”. This memory came back to me when I started collecting Chattanooga photography. And since, I’ve taken pity on many an orphaned portrait, inducting them into my own family.

These four images came from the same source. One image is marked J. N. Clark, a photographer in Boatland, which is in the Jamestown area in Fentress County. They probably date from 1900-1910. Other than the one photographer’s mark, there is nothing written on the verso so the subjects remain unidentified.

The three unmarked photos are unmistakenly the same family. It’s unclear if the Boatland young woman is related. Her shoes are of higher quality, which might be a clue.

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