1900 Lookout Mountain Inn March and Two-Step

Since we’re on the topic of sheet music in our last post… this composition was written expressly for the Lookout Inn and copyrighted in 1900 by Will F. Stewart of Chattanooga, Tenn. It’s unknown if it was an homage by the composer or contracted by the owners of the Inn.

The Lookout Inn opened in 1890 and was situated just above the top station of the existing Incline No. 2 on the eastern face of Lookout Mountain. The steam-powered incline was built as a direct route to the hotel and a connection to the Chattanooga & Lookout Mountain Railway. The Inn burned to the ground in 1908. You can read more about it in the post, Lost Chattanooga: The Historic Hotels on Lookout Mountain (part one).

Picnooga has a nice collection of memorabilia and artifacts from the Inn. Below is part of that collection.

If you have any items from the Lookout Inn, Picnooga would love to see them. Just send me an email.

Lookout Mountain Inn March and Two-Step (1900)
  • 1900 cover art

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  • Glass Magic Lantern slide, circa. 1900
  • Manager’s business card, circa. 1890s
  • Lunch menu for March 21, 1893
  • Rare metal postcard from the Lookout Broom Works, circa. 1905
  • Private Mailing Card, a precursor the postcard, circa 1898-1901
  • A rare look behind the Inn, circa 1900
  • Two advertising covers from 1894 and 1891
  • Postcard with artist’s rendering of the Lookout Inn fire on November 17, 1908
  • The ruins of the Lookout Inn in 1914
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