10 unseen glass plates from the Walline Collection

As a collector and amateur curator, I’m often focused forward on the next acquisition. Looking back isn’t always something on the top of my priorities. But when I do look back, I’m amazed at some of the exciting finds we’ve encountered over the past six years.

The Charles Walline glass plate negative collection remains the cornerstone of Picnooga’s collection. I personally think it’s one of the most important (public) collection of historical images in Chattanooga. It contains over 400 glass plates found in a shed on Lookout Mountain sometime in the last 15 years, purchased by a traveling picker, then sold to us from crowdfunding by you. Soon after the acquisition, an additional 100ish glass plates were donated later by Charlie Coulter and are attributed to the original set. Most of the images are attributed to Charles Walline.

Not all of the glass plates have been published online, and this series of this and upcoming posts should fill in the gaps. Some of the plates were either damaged, poorly exposed, or unidentifiable. Certainly if you recognize any of these locations or people, give me a holler.

Here are the first ten you probably haven’t seen before. They all date from the 1898 to 1907 era.

More of the previously released glass plates can be found on ChattanoogaHistory.com.

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I’m absolutely amazed at the detail of these old photographs. It’s like stepping back in time.

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