Market Street Bridge Construction

Today, the Tennessee Department of Transportation did its quarterly testing and maintenance of the Chief John Ross Memorial Bridge, or as you might know it as the Market Street Bridge in Chattanooga. Rewind 104-years ago with this postcard postmarked May 7, 1915, of a rare view showing bridge construction on the downtown side of the Tennessee River at Ross’s Landing. Even rarer is the message on the verso from a worker or engineer to a friend in Cleveland, OH, commenting about the complexity of the bridge.

The Chief John Ross Memorial Bridge was completed two years after this postcard was sent in 1917 at a cost of $1.1 million and was dubbed as the Million Dollar Bridge.

Card message:

“904 Chamberlain Ave. – Do not think it possible to be at commencement. Am very busy. We have some big construction issues here. This card will give you an idea of one end of the bridge. We have the largest concrete chuting system ever built. Towers are 220 ft. above water. Will keep you in mind. I am enjoying it here. – R. H. Lee “

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Rick Tucker

This is so awesome..thanks for sharing!

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