252 Oak Street

House photographs like these are among my favorite finds.

More often, lost places like this one are only remembered by the infrequent memories from a dwindling generation or some who acquired it from a junk shop or estate sale.

Luckily, this photograph has written in pencil on the front, “Mrs. Woodward’s home, Chattanooga Tennessee.” With some quick online detective-work from Picnooga’s brain trust, it’s identified at 252 Oak Street, which was across from the historic Caleb Isbester House. The woman on the porch is most likely Mrs. Louise Corbin Woodward. Standing on the lawn is her daughter Blanche Woodward, and son, Richard H Woodward Jr. An 1898 City Directory record, a 1901 map, and 1900 Census records confirm their address and identities.

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