The Battle Above the Clouds (Sheet music)

1913 saw an influx of visitation to the Scenic City due to the celebrations planned around the 50th anniversary of the Battles of Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga, and Missionary Ridge. Both Blue and Gray held reunions that year, drawing record crowds. This was a boost to the local economy and the events produced a variety of souvenirs commemorating the occasion, from ribbons and badges, pendants and banners, and sheet music like this.

The Battle Above the Clouds, in homage of the Battle of Lookout Mountain, was written by two locals, Mrs. G. W. Wimblerly and Genevieve Scott, and published by Dugdale Co, a firm from Washington D.C.

Click the play button below to hear the piano arrangement, and scroll down to see the lyrics.

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Sharon Cook

Fascinating. I didn’t know this song existed.

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