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Sam Hall’s

The best visual resource and online reference material for Chattanooga history.

“This website was first launched in 2014 as ‘DeepZoomChattanooga’ as it focused on high-resolution photos from the past. In 2019 the domain name was changed to better represent the expanding content.

Chattanooga, Tennessee is the largest mid-sized city in the United States without a local history museum.* The reasons are complicated but are not for a lack of public interest. This site is maintained to serve as a place to share unique historical photos, as well as provide resources not easily available in the research of area history.”

Sam Hall is a friend, brother, and colleague. He’s also a meticulous local historian worthy of the title of “Chattanooga’s Historian of the Year,” every year… if there was such a title.

Sam Hall

Andy’s Journeys on YouTube

Travel about the South and beyond with Andy as he narrates his users through some very interesting sights and sites.

Andy is also a friend, brother, colleague, and resourceful dude.

With the help of the State of Tennessee, Sam Hall, myself, and Advantage Preservation, over 30,000 pages of historical newspapers in the Chattanooga region are searchable and available online with more coming in 2020. is a free resource and a gift funded by Chattanoogans for anyone with an interest in Chattanooga history.

Oliver Springs Historical Society

The hardest working history buffs in Tennessee I know.

Appalachian Media Archives

Bradley Reeves is my hero. I want to be like him when I grow up.

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